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Roger Schmitt

Roger Schmitt

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08/09/18 10:41 AM #1    

E. Patrice Jensen

Poor Roger Schmitt.  He wanted so badly to be part of the 'popular' crowd.  I tried to befriend him or at least say hello, but he ignored me. He was an original that's fior sure.  I don't think he had a happy life.  May he rest in peace.  

08/11/18 08:02 AM #2    

Larry Colton

Patrice, don't feel bad for Roger.  I probably knew him as well as anyone and he was actually a happy person.  His second marriage to Sallie Royle was a good one.  He loved her and his two children more than anything.  He would call me every month or so and tell me what was going on in many of our classmates lives--I'm sure he called several of you regularly.  His social skills in high school were lacking and he bugged us at times but, like all of us, he just wanted to be accepted. He remembered his time at Highland with fondness and taught me the importance of valuing friendships and staying in touch.  He did that better than anyone I know.  I went out to his home and visited him a few times when it was hard for him to get out anymore and he was always so appreciative that I came.  His funeral was well attended by family, friends, and neighbors.

08/12/18 08:02 AM #3    

Julie Nichols (Goodro)

Thank you for sharing that, Larry. I am really glad to hear there was happiness in his life. I remember he attended our 40th reunion at the high school, after he had had his spine straightened. I am glad I took the time to talk to him that evening. I did not know him well, so it was really good to hear from you, who did.

08/13/18 10:33 AM #4    

E. Patrice Jensen

Larry - Thank you for your comments about Roger Schmitt.  I always liked him and said "hi" to him whever I saw him.  We have all changed after High School.  Many of us have gotten more confidence as we moved through life and accepted and rose to many challenges.  I have found this late in life that going to someone's funeral that I knew in one capacity, they had a whole other life that I didn't know about.  I love funerals (and weddings) for the celoebration of life.  Thanks again for setting me straight.  Let's connect at the Reunion.  Patrice

08/13/18 11:10 PM #5    

Redge Palmer

I don't remember any one who was more happy, and friendly than Roger, he took a lot of "guff" but he took it in stride and always had a "come back". My most vivid memory of him was going up the stairs with his arm around somebdy's shoulder and cracking a joke.  He would tell me that he wanted to wrestle me and that he could pin me. "But you can't pin me, because you can't get both of my shoulder down at the same time." I'm sorry he's gone. It would be fun to visit with him again and trade memory's and insults. 

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