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Sandra Jack (Beck)

Sandra Jack (Beck)

April 15, 1950 – October 06, 2014

Sandra Jack passed away October 06, 2014 in Santa Rosa, California.  She was a 1968 graduate of Highland High, and she also graduated from the University of Utah.  She had planned to become an English teacher. However, she changed her mind when she starting working in a law office and realized how much she enjoyed the legal field.

She worked as a paralegal for many years and then, eventually, went to Empire College in Santa Rosa to get her law degree. She was well into her 30's when she took the bar exam. She practiced in a small law firm and focused mainly on insurance defense law.

Sandy had many health issues throughout most of her life, so she eventually retired, but continued to work for the same firm from home right up until her death. She passed away due to COPD.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Jerry Beck, in 2012. They had no children.  She is survived by her sister, Linda, and brother, Jim.


(This information is courtesy of Sandra’s sister, Linda Freeder).