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Hello Rams!

I have spent nearly a year looking for classmates.  Many of the "missing" WERE contacted, but they never registered.  All those names are still mixed in with classmates that were actually never located.  The good news is we have more located than it appears, however, there are still classmates that have not been found. 

The site that I used to search will expire in early April.  I'm willing to give one last push to locate our missing Rams.

Please look carefully at the following list.  This is the FIRST group (A-D) that I will post.
It will be replaced in a couple of weeks with another grouping.

Women are VERY difficult to locate due to maiden names being replaced with married names.  If you know anything...ESPECIALLY married names for the women (even old married names, long retiredsmiley), old addresses, any and all information, please let me know!!  Just send me an email.  I will do my best to see if I can locate them.


Liz Kratzer Bundsen


Kalene Albrecht, Margaret Allred♦
Greg Bailey, Joyce Bailey, Sandra Baronetti, David Bickerstaff,
Christina Black, Steve Blackman, James Blanda, Becky Boes, Bruce Brown, Sue Ann Brown, Carolyn Brumbaugh, Peggy Buel, John Bullet♦
Stephen Call, Glen Cameron, Susan Chapman, Craig Cheney,
Darrell Cheney, Brent Christensen, Craig Christensen, Robert Clark, Suzzane Clendenon, Cliff Cottom, Gilbert Coulam. Bill Cox,
Owen Croft, Richard Cuter♦
Vicky Dahn, Susan Dallimore, Karen Daley, Jackie Darby, Dennis Davis, Kathy Davis, Deborah Daynes, Jeff Dean, Laura Degn, Edward DeMontes, Kent Devenport, Carol Dickey, Sheila Dixon, Jarvene Done, Georgia Doris,
Dean Dubofsky♦